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    Constitution Of Glenkens Business Association

    Adopted 19/04/04 (20/05/04) Ammended 24/04/07

    1. NAME

    The name of the Association is: Glenkens Business Association

    2. OBJECTS

    The objects of the Association are:

    a) To promote businesses in the area

    b) To create a body that can apply for funding

    c) To initiate and promote local markets, trade shows, etc.

    d) To encourage networking between local businesses

    e) To deliver training initiatives

    f) To pass trade between local businesses

    g) To encourage businesses to work together to reduce costs, e.g. of training, transport and technology

    h) To provide and share research information

    i) To deliver joint marketing projects effectively and affordably

    j) To assist businesses in getting work from public bodies

    3. POWERS

    In pursuance of the objects, the Association shall have the following powers:

    a) To purchase, take on lease, hire or otherwise acquire any equipment which is suitable for the Association activities

    b) To take such steps as may be deemed appropriate for the purpose of raising funds for the Association’s activities

    c) To invest any funds which are not immediately required for the Association’s activities in such investments as may be considered appropriate (and to dispose of and vary, such investments)

    d) To accept grants, donations and legacies of all kinds (and to accept any reasonable conditions attaching to them)

    e) To take on or lease any office accommodation necessary for the furtherance of the objects of the Association

    f) To liaise with other voluntary bodies, local authorities, UK or Scottish government departments and agencies, and other bodies, all with a view to furthering the Association’s objects

    g) To do anything which may be incidental or conducive to the furtherance of any of the Association’s objects


    Membership shall be open to businesses within the Parishes of Balmaclellan, Carsphairn, Dalry and New Galloway – the Glenkens – including the boundary Parishes of Corsock, Laurieston and Parton.


    a) The Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee

    b) The Annual General Meeting shall elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who need not be members of the Association.

    c) The Annual General Meeting shall also elect six Committee Members each of whom must be a member of the Association.

    d) If vacancies occur among the Officers, the Committee shall have the power to fill them from among its members

    e) The committee may co-opt up to three additional members of the Association to serve on the committee until the next Annual General Meeting

    f) Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for a period of two years with half retiring every year, although they may be re-elected.

    g) It shall be the responsibility of the committee to ensure that all business sections and parishes are represented as far as possible.


    a) The Executive Committee shall hold at least two ordinary meetings each year and one Annual General Meeting

    b) There shall be a quorum when five members of the Committee are present at a meeting

    c) Every matter shall be determined by a majority of members of the Executive Committee present and voting. In case of equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second casting vote

    d) Minutes shall be kept as a record of the proceedings of the meetings of the committee and sub-committees

    e) The Executive Committee may appoint one or more sub-committees providing that all acts and proceedings of the sub-committees shall be fully and promptly reported to the Executive Committee. Any sub-committee shall have at least three members of the Executive Committee and may in addition co-opt up to two further people who have particular skills


    a) There shall be an Annual General Meeting which shall be held within three months of the end of the Association’s financial year. Members shall be given at least 14 days notice, in addition, any relevant minutes and financial information will be circulated 14 days prior to meetings

    b) The Annual General Meeting shall elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who need not be members of the Association.

    c) The Annual General Meeting shall also elect six Committee Members each of whom must be a member of the Association.

    d) The Executive Committee shall present the report and accounts of the Association for the preceding year

    e) Nominations for election of the Executive Committee must be made by members of the Association, preferably in writing and before the commencement of the meeting

    f) The quorum at a general meeting shall be one quarter of the membership


    The Executive Committee may at any time call a general or special meeting of the Association stating the business to be discussed. A special general meeting may also be called by the Secretary if a written request is received from at least 10 members. At least 14 days notice shall be given for a special general meeting

    The quorum for such a meeting shall be as 7f)

    9. FINANCE

    a) All monies raised by or on behalf of the Association shall be applied to further the objects of the Association and for no other purpose

    b) The funds of the Association including all donations, contributions and bequests shall be paid into an account operated by the Executive Committee in the name of the Association at such a bank as the Executive Committee shall from time to time decide

    c) The Officers will be designated as signatories of all financial transactions and any transaction must be signed by two Officers

    d) The Executive Committee shall comply with the current legislation for trustees with regard to the keeping of accounts, the preparation of an annual statement of account and the independent examination of the statement of accounts

    e) Any spend over £200 must be ratified by the committee


    Any amendments to the constitution shall require approval of a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at the General Meeting at which it is discussed. Any resolution for the amendment of the constitution must be received by the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting


    a) The Association may be dissolved at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose and must be advertised 14 days before the meeting

    b) Such proposals to dissolve the Association shall take effect only if agreed by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at the meeting

    c) Surplus funds of the Association, if it is dissolved, shall be given or transferred to such other charitable institutions or voluntary organisations having similar objects as the members of the Association may determine or failing that shall be applied for some other charitable purpose

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